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Mass Media:Advertising

Everyday we are bombarded by messages in visual or audio form, coaxing us to buy a particular product or service. Whether it is a brand of soap, a computer, the latest model of a car, or a service that transports you to exotic locations, the message always is that of persuasion. It is the appeal and the grasp of advertising, which reaches out to people with the intent of influencing their acceptance or purchase of an idea, product or service. With the proliferation of television programmes, glossy magazines, and a plethora of information from all sources in an increasingly competitive market place, advertising has gained an unprecedented buoyancy.

Advertising serves three basic purposes. One is to persuade people to buy a particular product or service or to attend an event. Secondly, it also serves to create a positive image of a company, organisation or activity. And thirdly, advertising seeks to inform people about certain matters of public interest, to create awareness, or attempts to influence social attitudes on matters of general concern.

Advertising agencies vary in size as well as in the scope of services handled. Often, the range and extent of services depends on the agency's size and infrastructure. All, however, are equipped to plan, create and launch an advertising campaign with professionals from different disciplines working together for this purpose.

Eligibility :

Most advertising agencies recruit candidates with a formal management or advertising/mass communication qualification.

Most advertising agencies recruit candidates with a formal management or advertising qualification. However, in small agencies it is still possible to make an entry without this, and spend about six months to a year learning on-the-job and then move on to a bigger agency after a few years of experience.

Most advertising agencies prefer MBA's for posts in the market research, client servicing and media planning departments, although a BA in economics can also be acceptable.

In the creative department, on the other hand, a general BA with a command of the language of communication is the requirement for all copywriters ; some creative talent and a qualification in commercial art from a reputed design or art school is necessary for entrance into the art department.

Since advertising is offered as a course only at the postgraduate level, the basic eligibility criteria is, graduation in any discipline. However, advertising is also offered as a subject for the graduate degree course in mass communication studies at certain institutions, to students who have cleared the 10+2 examination. The minimum qualification for the degree course in commercial or applied art is 10+2 with art.

Course Detail :

Institutions :

Some of the important institutions for courses in Advertising / Mass Communication are listed as follows :

Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad. (MICA)

Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC), JNU campus, New Delhi.

Bhavan's College of Communication and Management, Mumbai.

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Vile Parle (West), Mumbai.

Institutions for degrees in Commercial Art include :

JJ School of Art, Mumbai.

College of Art , Tilak Marg, New Delhi.

College of Art, Sector 10-C, Chandigarh

Govt College of Arts and Crafts, 28 J L Nehru Marg, Calcutta

Job Prospects:

Advertising field offers a range of lucrative, interesting careers. The job in this field is categorised into two, executive and creative.

* Advertising agencies,

* Advertising departments of public / private sector companies,

* Advertising sections of newspapers, journals, magazines,

* Commercial sections of radio / television programmes,

* Market research organisations,

* Freelance work.

A growing profession
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