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Mass Media

What does mass media or mass communication constitute? It includes newspapers, journals,periodicals, magazines, radio and television. Why is it important? It is indispensable to keep the masses aware of the latest happenings within and outside the country, to provide knowledge and entertainment. In a democratic country like ours it is all the more essential to keep ourselves abreast with the happening.

Mass media is one of the careers which has both glamour as well as good prospects by way of salary and perks. A lot of exciting things keep on happening in these fields since these are related to news, current events and things like image building and the world of entertainment.

All the components of mass media mentioned above have a great scope for utilizing your natural talents besides providing you jobs at the appropriate level. It is necessary to attain suitable academic qualifications and professional skills in the respective fields.

Having Developed over the past century, the mass media has become allpervasive, taking on a central role in politics, culture and economics. The media is certainly an exciting place to work. It's a place where ideas and personalities clash and wgere change is constantly occurring. The media is essential to the flow of information and development within a society. Unlike some other areas of the work-force, there is also little heirarchy, so moving up within the industry is much easier once you have a foot in the door.

The media is keeping pace with the rate of technological changes and the internet, with the result that companies are now seeking highly flexible, quickminded employees. Whatever area of the media interests you, whether it be the press, television, radio or multimedia, you would discover a wide range of employment opportunities, especially in the area of production, development and sales. In the past ten years especially, job opportunities in the mass media have widened. The premium on public relations, promotions, research and technical skills is set to rise as the influence of the technological revolution continues to spread. If you have well-developed communication skills and the ability to think critically in a fast-paced environment full of controversy, workingin the media would ensure a rewarding and challenging future.

These are the various fields of Mass Media as follows:
  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Television & Fims
  • Public relations
  • A career which has both glamour as well as good prospects by way of salary and perks
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