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Today, Management is reckoned as one of the topmost careers in terms of the pivotal role it plays in any organisation, the prominence and prestige attached to it and the returns it yields.

Management, today,is not confined to the fore walls of the factory, it is indispensable everywhere whether it be a hospital, an education institution, goverment administration, army, agriculture, charitable institution, club, trade union, small business or even one's own is fast becoming the central source of development nations and the basic need of developing ones. Management has come to occupy a place of great prominence in modern society, even a layman who might have no knowledge of management is often found commenting: "The organisation is poorly managed"; There seems to be no management at all", "It is all mismanagement".

Management is the process of organising, directing and controlling human effort so as to accomplish the predetermined goals by creating a suitable climate conducive to the attainment of the aspiration of the society within which it operates.


Branches in Management:
Financial Sector
Human Resource Development
Sales and marketing
Foreign Trade
Construction Management
Health Care Management
Multi-disciplinary exposure


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