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Information Technology : Job Prospects

The size and reach of the information industry has also generated innumerable spin-offs. Job prospects in this industry are expanding in leaps and bounds.

  • Systems analysts and designers are employed by almost every organisation, and can ultimately become independent consultants.

  • Computer professionals can form a group and open their own consultancy organisations for providing services like software development, data processing and computer-linked services.

  • Computer experts in specialist areas or knowledge engineers, as they are also called, can design specific computer systems in areas such as medical diagnosis or industrial safety systems.

  • Network specialists are much in demand to design, install, configure, administer and maintain networks for integration of computers in offices, buildings and organisation across cities and countries.

  • Special e-commerce functions and web designing is another growing area of work in industry or on a free-lance basis.

  • Multimedia and video animation is also a major field that employs computer professionals with creative skills.

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