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Information Technology

Today, IT has become indispensable for any walk of life. We need to have the power of information and utilise the advancements of technology in true sense, to be on the winning edge. There had been a rapid growth in the field of IT enabled services. These shall result in a tremendous surge in the IT manpower requirement in the field of software development, system maintenence and IT usage in various sectors.

The overall scenario in IT job market is encouraging, despite intermittent set backs. There is a growing demand for the skilled manpower. The evolution of computing from mainframe era to minicomputers to the ubiquitious proliferation of millions of PCs had been driven by standardisation and cost reduction. With the wider application of IT, encompassing almost all the fields, IT companies are seeing a very bright future as masses are being made computer literate and ready to match their shoulders. The Govt. policies are also supporting the industry. The fact that more and more MNCs are coming to India is another evidence that besides jobs in the global software industry, IT enabled or centric services are getting a big boost.

In India, the computer industry has been growing at a phenomenal rate of 45% per annum, making it amongst the fastest growing sectors of the economy. It is estimated that by the start of the new millennium, the requirement for computer professionals in India alone, will be close to 4,00,000 computer professionals, and including others with computer handling skills, at well over 1,60,000. With a manpower shortage, and a continuing demand for trained professionals, this expanding field of information technology provides a large gap to be filled by those with the appropriate skills and with ambition and aptitude.

Essential personal attributes needed for a successful career in the the IT sector are:
  • Being a quick problem solver

  • Having good concentrating power

  • Working with numbers accurately and correctly

  • Being quick and independent in taking decisions

  • Being logical and to have an analytical approach

  • Having skill to deal with science, charts, graphs and symbols

  • To have patience and perseverance

  • To be adaptable

    Wide Range Of Options

    Computer and information Technology is a very vast and complex field. Unlike many other options, IT offers a wide range of opportunities in software, hardware, IT-Enabled Services, etc. It enabled services (ITES) has potential for mass employment This is an area where comparatively jobs can be grabbed quickly even with a 10+2 qualification. There is no watertight compartmentalization in many areas of work in the IT. The nomenclature of several jobs are interchangeable as their functions are interrelated. Broadly speaking, the following job opportunities which are rich in content, advancement and rewards exist in the IT Sector:

    Software related jobs including programmer(Application & System), System Analyst, System Software Engineer, Database Administrator etc.

    Hardware realted jobs including PC support/maintenance, Computer/Chip Designer, Computer Manufacturing, Networking Professionals etc.

    Operations related jobs i.e EDP Manager, ERP Professionals, Input-Output Control, Computer Operator, Data Entry/Data Feeding professionals.

    Internet & Web Technology jobs such as Web Developer, web Designer, Site Designer etc.

    IT-Enabled Services related jobs including Marketing Executive, Consultants, Training Professionals/Teachers.


    The eligibility varies with the course and level of study. Minimum eligibility for the Undergraduate course in this field is 10+2 with 50% marks and for Post Graduate courses graduation.
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    Course Detail

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    Institutions :

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    Job prospects :

    The candidates after successful completion of the course can find excellent placements in garment, leather and jewellery industry as merchandising executives, fashion designers, illustrators, fashion co-coordinators, etc.
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  • One of the vast and complex field.
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