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Armed Forces : Job Prospects

The Indian Armed Forces have long enjoyed the reputation of being one of the finest forces in the world . A career in the armed forces therefore holds the promise of bringing honour, glory, high social standing, and a privileged lifestyle.

Moreover, the armed forces render invaluable services to the country, in times of war as well as in times of peace, protecting the security of the nation.

They also contribute to the building of vital infrastructural facilities like roads and bridges in remote and war-torn areas, provide hope and succour to victims of natural calamities and are occasionally called to help restore law and order, while at the same time, ensuring the safety of people in times of internal strife.

The three branches of the Armed forces ( Army, Navy and Air Force) work in close co-ordination, together with the paramilitary services, to defend the country's sovereignty.

Those selected for the three services through the NDA examination are given a common preliminary training for two and a half years, after which specialised training is imparted The NDA maintains tough exacting schedules that concentrate on discipline and fitness.

Training for the defence services automatically qualifies students to become full-fledged officers of the service to which they are appointed.

They are guaranteed a job, along with all the perks and allowances, many of which continue even after retirement. Jobs in the Defence Services involve a great deal of power and authority, though there are frequent transfers. Competent officers always have a chance of being promoted to senior positions over the years.

National Defence Academy & Naval Academy
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